One day the three Anderson brothers, Archibald, John and James, their father and a grandson, John A. Anderson, were working on John Anderson’s farm.  After eating their lunch at the spring on Birch Creek the father folded his coat and settled down for a short nap.  When he awoke he told the boys of a dream he just had.  He dreamed he saw a train come through the field where they were working, passing on toward Mt. Pleasant.  It appeared in the dream that the train came through Thistle Pass, traveling through Fairview, east of the town.  He told the boys that they would live to see that dream come true.  Years later the railroad was built through Sanpete County and John A. Anderson worked on it cutting ties and moving dirt with a team and scraper.


Great grandmother Agnes Baird, wife of Archibald Anderson, pushed a handcart all the way across the plains.  Their sons John and James drove the livestock while Archibald helped his mother.  They had little food and experienced hunger most of the time.  Each person was allotted one teacup of flour each day.  Great grandfather said, “When the flour was dipped out the man’s big thumb was down in the teacup preventing a full measure.”  They hunted for wild meat along the way, arriving in the valley.  Great grandfather and his boys worked at Camp Floyd making bricks for Johnston’s army, earning $300.00 in gold.  They then moved to Spanish Fork, built a house and raised a good garden.  In Spanish Fork they met the Reese family.  Son, Archibald Anderson, fell in love with Sarah Jane Rees but said he would not marry her until he could buy her a pretty wedding dress.  He owned a team of oxen, drove the team to Salt Lake City, sold them there, bought the wedding dress and walked back to Spanish Fork.  They were married August 23, 1859.


The family left Spanish Fork and moved to Fairview, Utah where they built homes.  Archibald, John and James took up homesteads on Birch Creek, three miles south of Fairview but could not live on the land because of the Indians who were giving the people trouble at that time.  However, later Archibald did sell his Fairview home and moved to Birch Creek on his homestead where he raised his family.  Great grandfather Archibald and Great grandmother Agnes spent their years in Fairview.


Archibald Anderson Family

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