Great Salt Lake City, May 9th 1852


A blessing by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of LAURA PETERS, daughter of John and Laura Davis, born Feb 8th 1817, Merionethshire, North Wales.


Sister, beloved of the Lord, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, I place my hands upon thy head; and, in as much as your desire is, I seal upon you the blessings of a father, even all the blessings and Priesthood that was sealed upon Joseph and his children in common with your companion.  This I seal upon thee and thy children and thou shall possess it again in eternity.


Your table shall be supplied with every good thing for the comfort of thy family.  Your children shall grow up about thy table healthy and fair.


Thou shalt have faith to heal the sick in thine own family at all times.


Thou shall have horses and chariots with servants to wait upon them, flocks and herds and all things that is needful until you are satisfied with life.  If your faith does not fail, you shall live to see 90 years, see the Redeemer stand upon the earth and thou shall live and reign with Him a thousand years - finally thou shall inherit all the blessings of His Kingdom forever and ever.  AMEN


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