Pioneer Ancestry

Researching the genealogy of Jacob F. Francom

Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rose (Rosa)  Abt 1633Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I233 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Barnett (Barrett), Mary  1633Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I337 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Barrett, John  19 May 1692Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3511 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Barrett, John  Abt 1696Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3515 Pioneer Ancestry 
5 Barrett, Joseph  Abt 1693Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3513 Pioneer Ancestry 
6 Barrett, Mary  1629Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I578 Pioneer Ancestry 
7 Barrett, Thomas  6 Oct 1668Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3497 Pioneer Ancestry 
8 Burge, Hanna  12 Jan 1689Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3142 Pioneer Ancestry 
9 Burge, John  20 Oct 1687Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3233 Pioneer Ancestry 
10 Burge, Sarah  21 May 1691Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3234 Pioneer Ancestry 
11 Darling, A Male  18 Aug 1667Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I222 Pioneer Ancestry 
12 Darling, Aaron  18 Jun 1667Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I219 Pioneer Ancestry 
13 Darling, Cornelius  4 Jan 1663Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I218 Pioneer Ancestry 
14 Darling, Cornelius  25 Jan 1675Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I212 Pioneer Ancestry 
15 Darling, Hannah  14 Apr 1677Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I213 Pioneer Ancestry 
16 Darling, John  12 Jul 1664Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I196 Pioneer Ancestry 
17 Darling, Sarah  26 Nov 1669Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I211 Pioneer Ancestry 
18 Ford, Jeanna  1641Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I431 Pioneer Ancestry 
19 Ford, Joanna  Abt 1636Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I491 Pioneer Ancestry 
20 Ford, Nathaniel  1611Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I500 Pioneer Ancestry 
21 Francis, Elizabeth  24 Jan 1657Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I234 Pioneer Ancestry 
22 Francis, Hannah  1644Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I210 Pioneer Ancestry 
23 Francis, Susannah  4 Feb 1658Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I235 Pioneer Ancestry 
24 Francis, Susannah  4 Feb 1658/1659Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I236 Pioneer Ancestry 
25 Hayward, Robert  1653Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I287 Pioneer Ancestry 
26 Hayward, Samuel  Int 1621 (1621/1643)Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I276 Pioneer Ancestry 
27 Hayward, William  Int 1622 (1622/1647)Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I278 Pioneer Ancestry 
28 Huntington, Margaret  8 Jul 1668Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3498 Pioneer Ancestry 
29 Rockwood, John Jr.  18 Aug 1663Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I499 Pioneer Ancestry 
30 Rockwood, Priscilla  10 Apr 1664Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I496 Pioneer Ancestry 
31 Rockwood, Richard  1665Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I494 Pioneer Ancestry 
32 Rockwood, Triall  28 Feb 1677Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I497 Pioneer Ancestry 
33 Thayer, David  20 Apr 1660Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I475 Pioneer Ancestry 
34 Thayer, Ephraim  17 Nov 1669Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3372 Pioneer Ancestry 
35 Thayer, Freelove  1658Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3365 Pioneer Ancestry 
36 Thayer, Freelove  30 Jun 1662Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3367 Pioneer Ancestry 
37 Thayer, Hannah  1640/1641Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I346 Pioneer Ancestry 
38 Thayer, Hannah  2 Aug 1672Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3373 Pioneer Ancestry 
39 Thayer, Hulda  16 Jun 1657Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I478 Pioneer Ancestry 
40 Thayer, Jonathan  18 Jan 1658Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I471 Pioneer Ancestry 
41 Thayer, Mary  1 Oct 1663Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3368 Pioneer Ancestry 
42 Thayer, Naomi  28 Nov 1662Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I464 Pioneer Ancestry 
43 Thayer, Rachel  9 Nov 1655Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3362 Pioneer Ancestry 
44 Thayer, Samuel  7 Jul 1667Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3371 Pioneer Ancestry 
45 Thayer, Sarah  12 Mar 1654Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I474 Pioneer Ancestry 
46 Thayer, Timothy  9 Mar 1666Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3370 Pioneer Ancestry 
47 Thayer, Trial  7 Feb 1658Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3366 Pioneer Ancestry 
48 Thayer, Trial  7 Feb 1658Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3364 Pioneer Ancestry 
49 Thayer, Tryall  12 Jul 1657Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3227 Pioneer Ancestry 
50 Thayer, William  1 Aug 1675Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3376 Pioneer Ancestry 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Thayer, David  17 Apr 1667Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I475 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Thayer, Hannah  1645Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I346 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Thayer, Samuel  Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I476 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Wood, Nicholas  Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I259 Pioneer Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rose (Rosa)  26 Feb 1651Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I233 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Barnett (Barrett), Mary  2 Apr 1657Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I337 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Barrett, Mary  2 Feb 1657Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I578 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Darlin, John  Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I228 Pioneer Ancestry 
5 Darling, A Male  19 Aug 1667Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I222 Pioneer Ancestry 
6 Darling, Aaron  19 Jun 1667Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I219 Pioneer Ancestry 
7 Darling, Cornelius  11 Mar 1663Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I218 Pioneer Ancestry 
8 Darly, Denise  25 Jan 1717Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I227 Pioneer Ancestry 
9 Francis, John  17 Sep 1688Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I232 Pioneer Ancestry 
10 Hayward, Jonathan  21 Nov 1689Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I285 Pioneer Ancestry 
11 Hayward, Samuel  29 Jul 1713Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I277 Pioneer Ancestry 
12 Hayward, William  10 May 1659Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I274 Pioneer Ancestry 
13 Hayward, William  10 May 1659Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I290 Pioneer Ancestry 
14 Lovell, Agnes Anna  9 Jul 1643Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I295 Pioneer Ancestry 
15 Thayer, David  1 Jun 1674Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I475 Pioneer Ancestry 
16 Thayer, Ephraim  15 Jun 1757Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3372 Pioneer Ancestry 
17 Thayer, Freelove  5 Aug 1662Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3367 Pioneer Ancestry 
18 Thayer, Hannah  5 Feb 1677Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3373 Pioneer Ancestry 
19 Thayer, Margaret  18 Jul 1676Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I275 Pioneer Ancestry 
20 Thayer, Margery  8 Jul 1676Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I440 Pioneer Ancestry 
21 Thayer, Rachel  23 Nov 1656Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3362 Pioneer Ancestry 
22 Thayer, Richard Jr.  27 Aug 1695Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I512 Pioneer Ancestry 
23 Thayer, Samuel  1710Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I3371 Pioneer Ancestry 
24 Thayer, Sarah  27 Aug 1695Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I409 Pioneer Ancestry 
25 Thayer, Shadrach  19 Oct 1678Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I335 Pioneer Ancestry 
26 Thayer, Thomas  2 Jun 1665Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I479 Pioneer Ancestry 
27 Thayer, Thomas  9 May 1693Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I487 Pioneer Ancestry 
28 Wheeler, Margery  11 Feb 1642Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I385 Pioneer Ancestry 
29 Wheeler, Margery  11 Dec 1672Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I562 Pioneer Ancestry 
30 Wood, Sarah  29 Dec 1678Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I264 Pioneer Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kellogg, John  1654Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I4403 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Thayer, Richard Jr.  8 Oct 1664Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts I512 Pioneer Ancestry 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barrett / Huntington  1629Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts F157 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Darling / Francis  3 Nov 1662Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts F112 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Hayward / Thayer  28 Oct 1663Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts F139 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Rockwood / Ford  15 Jul 1662Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts F145 Pioneer Ancestry 
5 Thayer / Barnett (Barrett)  1 Mar 1654Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts F153 Pioneer Ancestry 
6 Thayer / Barrett  1 Nov 1654Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts F154 Pioneer Ancestry 
7 Thayer / Hayward  14 Jan 1652Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts F136 Pioneer Ancestry