Pioneer Ancestry

Researching the genealogy of Jacob F. Francom

Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bellows, Sarah  20 Mar 1706/1707Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I4106 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Darling, Abigail  14 Jul 1708Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I194 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Darling, Benjamin  11 Feb 1687Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I221 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Darling, Daniel  28 Apr 1682Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I220 Pioneer Ancestry 
5 Darling, Deborrah  8 Jan 1713Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I203 Pioneer Ancestry 
6 Darling, Ebenezer  8 Jan 1679Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I214 Pioneer Ancestry 
7 Darling, Ebenezer  2 Mar 1701Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I204 Pioneer Ancestry 
8 Darling, Elizabeth  2 Jul 1685Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I215 Pioneer Ancestry 
9 Darling, Elizabeth  3 Jan 1692Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I201 Pioneer Ancestry 
10 Darling, Hannah  1 Nov 1697Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I200 Pioneer Ancestry 
11 Darling, John  Abt 1642Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I231 Pioneer Ancestry 
12 Darling, Margaret  19 Aug 1700Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I206 Pioneer Ancestry 
13 Darling, Martha Or Mary  10 Mar 1705Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I208 Pioneer Ancestry 
14 Darling, Mary  22 May 1704Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I205 Pioneer Ancestry 
15 Darling, Rachel  14 May 1711Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I202 Pioneer Ancestry 
16 Darling, Ruth  20 Sep 1695Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I207 Pioneer Ancestry 
17 Darling, Samuel  18 Mar 1693Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I199 Pioneer Ancestry 
18 Rockwood, Joane Or Anne  25 Aug 1669Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I493 Pioneer Ancestry 
19 Rockwood, Joanna Rockett Or  14 Aug 1663Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I492 Pioneer Ancestry 
20 Rockwood, Joseph  27 May 1671Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I498 Pioneer Ancestry 
21 Snow, Jemimah  17 Jul 1734Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I4109 Pioneer Ancestry 
22 Snow, Josiah  15 May 1732Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I4108 Pioneer Ancestry 
23 Thayer, Benjamin  1674Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I472 Pioneer Ancestry 
24 Thayer, Charlotte  19 Feb 1768Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I462 Pioneer Ancestry 
25 Thayer, David  17 Sep 1677Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I477 Pioneer Ancestry 
26 Thayer, Ebenezer  1672Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I470 Pioneer Ancestry 
27 Thayer, Ebenezer  1694Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I428 Pioneer Ancestry 
28 Thayer, Ichabod  31 Mar 1721Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I441 Pioneer Ancestry 
29 Thayer, Isaac  14 Feb 1664Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I465 Pioneer Ancestry 
30 Thayer, Israel  1668Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I469 Pioneer Ancestry 
31 Thayer, Jarvis  24 Nov 1770Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I461 Pioneer Ancestry 
32 Thayer, John  9 May 1706Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I193 Pioneer Ancestry 
33 Thayer, Joseph  8 May 1710Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I439 Pioneer Ancestry 
34 Thayer, Josiah  14 Jan 1670Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I473 Pioneer Ancestry 
35 Thayer, Mary  22 Dec 1704Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I367 Pioneer Ancestry 
36 Thayer, Moses  10 May 1710Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I368 Pioneer Ancestry 
37 Thayer, Nathaniel  20 Apr 1708Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I466 Pioneer Ancestry 
38 Thayer, Sabra  5 Apr 1772Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I460 Pioneer Ancestry 
39 Thayer, Samuel  15 Nov 1666Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I476 Pioneer Ancestry 
40 Thayer, Samuel Ensign  1713Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I467 Pioneer Ancestry 
41 Thayer, Thomas  14 Feb 1664Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I463 Pioneer Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Thayer, David  17 Sep 1677Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I477 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Thayer, Ichabod  31 Mar 1721Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I441 Pioneer Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chapin, Josiah (Josiah)  10 Sep 1726Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I7218 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Darling, Abigail  1744Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I194 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Darling, Benjamin  18 May 1772Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I221 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Darling, Daniel  26 Feb 1745Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I220 Pioneer Ancestry 
5 Darling, Dennis  25 Jan 1717Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I209 Pioneer Ancestry 
6 Darling, John  Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I230 Pioneer Ancestry 
7 Darling, Margaret  Bef 1750Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I206 Pioneer Ancestry 
8 Darling, Ruth  8 Dec 1776Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I207 Pioneer Ancestry 
9 Ford, Joanna  1724Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I491 Pioneer Ancestry 
10 Francis, Hannah  Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I210 Pioneer Ancestry 
11 Hayward, Huldah  1 Sep 1690Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I279 Pioneer Ancestry 
12 Hayward, Huldah  1 Sep 1690Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I280 Pioneer Ancestry 
13 Hayward, Mary  1730Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I282 Pioneer Ancestry 
14 Hayward, Samuel  29 Jul 1713Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I276 Pioneer Ancestry 
15 Hayward, William  17 Dec 1717Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I278 Pioneer Ancestry 
16 Rockwood, Joane Or Anne  30 Apr 1690Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I493 Pioneer Ancestry 
17 Rockwood, John  26 Jan 1680Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I300 Pioneer Ancestry 
18 Rockwood, Joseph  Abt 1718Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I498 Pioneer Ancestry 
19 Rockwood, Marcy  18 Dec 1700Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I442 Pioneer Ancestry 
20 Rockwood, Priscilla  Bef 1691Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I496 Pioneer Ancestry 
21 Rockwood, Trial  1701/1704Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I495 Pioneer Ancestry 
22 Thayer, Benjamin  1728/1729Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I472 Pioneer Ancestry 
23 Thayer, David  29 Aug 1678Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I477 Pioneer Ancestry 
24 Thayer, Ferdinando  28 Mar 1713Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I468 Pioneer Ancestry 
25 Thayer, Hulda  Abt 1699Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I478 Pioneer Ancestry 
26 Thayer, Jonathan  1690/1691Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I471 Pioneer Ancestry 
27 Thayer, Josiah  27 Feb 1728Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I473 Pioneer Ancestry 
28 Thayer, Moses  24 May 1764Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I368 Pioneer Ancestry 
29 Thayer, Naomi  1718Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I464 Pioneer Ancestry 
30 Thayer, Samuel  19 Dec 1721Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I476 Pioneer Ancestry 
31 Thayer, Thomas  1 May 1738Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I463 Pioneer Ancestry 
32 Wheelocke, Benjamin  13 Sep 1716Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I1731 Pioneer Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Thayer, David  Aft 29 Aug 1678Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I477 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Thayer, Ferdinando  Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I468 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Thayer, Hulda  22 Oct 1695Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I478 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Thayer, Thomas  28 Mar 1703Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts I487 Pioneer Ancestry 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Darling / Morse  1691Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts F109 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Snow / Bellows  9 Feb 1726/1727Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts F1029 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Thayer / Darling  27 Jul 1729Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts F107 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Thayer / Hayward  1703Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts F137 Pioneer Ancestry 
5 Thayer / Pond  20 Aug 1767Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts F110 Pioneer Ancestry 
6 Thayer / Rockwood  9 Feb 1691/1692Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts F108 Pioneer Ancestry 
7 Thayer / Rockwood  1703Mendon, Worcestershire, Massachusetts F167 Pioneer Ancestry