Pioneer Ancestry

Researching the genealogy of Jacob F. Francom

Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fairchild, Andrew  1729Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1204 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Fairchild, Anna  Abt 1683/1684Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1225 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Fairchild, Charles  Mar 1736Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1206 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Fairchild, Dinah  14 Jul 1648Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1280 Pioneer Ancestry 
5 Fairchild, Edward  1687Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1226 Pioneer Ancestry 
6 Fairchild, Emma  23 Oct 1653Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1283 Pioneer Ancestry 
7 Fairchild, Emma  30 Aug 1672Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1248 Pioneer Ancestry 
8 Fairchild, Faith  1 May 1642Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1278 Pioneer Ancestry 
9 Fairchild, John  1 May 1644Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1279 Pioneer Ancestry 
10 Fairchild, Josiah  Aug 1732Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1205 Pioneer Ancestry 
11 Fairchild, Oliver  Jun 1724Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1202 Pioneer Ancestry 
12 Fairchild, Peter  Apr 1729Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1203 Pioneer Ancestry 
13 Fairchild, Robert  1681Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1224 Pioneer Ancestry 
14 Fairchild, Samuel  31 Aug 1640Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1221 Pioneer Ancestry 
15 Fairchild, Samuel  1683Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1199 Pioneer Ancestry 
16 Fairchild, Stephen  12 Mar 1724Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1179 Pioneer Ancestry 
17 Fairchild, Thomas  Abt 1588Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1340 Pioneer Ancestry 
18 Fairchild, Thomas  1614/1616Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1273 Pioneer Ancestry 
19 Fairchild, Thomas  21 Feb 1646Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1245 Pioneer Ancestry 
20 Fairchild, Zachariah  14 Dec 1651Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1281 Pioneer Ancestry 
21 Fairchilds, Sarah  19 Feb 1641Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1276 Pioneer Ancestry 
22 Foote, Daniel  10 Jan 1682Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I4316 Pioneer Ancestry 
23 Jackson, Daniel  1669Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1260 Pioneer Ancestry 
24 Jackson, Moses  Abt 1642Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1338 Pioneer Ancestry 
25 Porter, Mary  22 Feb 1677Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I4058 Pioneer Ancestry 
26 Preston, Sarah (Susan)  1647Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1246 Pioneer Ancestry 
27 Seabrook, Johanna (Faith)  Abt 1623Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1355 Pioneer Ancestry 
28 Seabrooke, Sarah  1608/1623Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1351 Pioneer Ancestry 
29 Wheeler, Joanna  5 Mar 1658Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1293 Pioneer Ancestry 
30 Wheeler, Mary  13 Sep 1665Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1223 Pioneer Ancestry 
31 Wheeler, Moses  5 Jul 1651Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1291 Pioneer Ancestry 
32 Wheeler, Samuel  28 Apr 1649Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1290 Pioneer Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fairchild, Abraham  27 May 1711Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1214 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Fairchild, Alexander  2 Jul 1704Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1210 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Fairchild, Andrew  29 Apr 1716Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1216 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Fairchild, Andrew  27 Apr 1729Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1204 Pioneer Ancestry 
5 Fairchild, Charles  Mar 1736Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1206 Pioneer Ancestry 
6 Fairchild, Deborah  19 May 1706Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1212 Pioneer Ancestry 
7 Fairchild, Hannah  29 Jun 1713Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1215 Pioneer Ancestry 
8 Fairchild, Josiah  Aug 1732Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1205 Pioneer Ancestry 
9 Fairchild, Oliver  28 Jun 1724Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1202 Pioneer Ancestry 
10 Fairchild, Peter  27 Apr 1729Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1203 Pioneer Ancestry 
11 Fairchild, Ruth  12 Jan 1718Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1217 Pioneer Ancestry 
12 Fairchild, Samuel  1720Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1219 Pioneer Ancestry 
13 Fairchild, Sarah  20 Jun 1708Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1213 Pioneer Ancestry 
14 Fairchild, Stephen  25 Sep 1725Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1179 Pioneer Ancestry 
15 Jackson, Abigail  Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1270 Pioneer Ancestry 
16 Jackson, Daniel  Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1260 Pioneer Ancestry 
17 Jackson, Deborah  6 Apr 1701Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1208 Pioneer Ancestry 
18 Jackson, Ebenezer  16 Oct 1698Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1271 Pioneer Ancestry 
19 Jackson, Hannah  6 Apr 1701Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1263 Pioneer Ancestry 
20 Jackson, Henry  6 Apr 1701Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1267 Pioneer Ancestry 
21 Jackson, Joshua  Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1264 Pioneer Ancestry 
22 Jackson, Rachel  21 Jul 1695Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1268 Pioneer Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burt, Sarah  9 Oct 1689Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I6404 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Fairchild, Anna  23 Jul 1703Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1225 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Fairchild, John  27 Mar 1686Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1279 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Fairchild, Robert  Bef 1716Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1224 Pioneer Ancestry 
5 Fairchild, Samuel  28 Feb 1704Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1221 Pioneer Ancestry 
6 Fairchild, Thomas  14 Dec 1670Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1273 Pioneer Ancestry 
7 Fairchild, Zachariah  23 Jun 1703Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1281 Pioneer Ancestry 
8 Fairchilds, Sarah  Bef 1682Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1276 Pioneer Ancestry 
9 Foote, Daniel  26 Mar 1704Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I3997 Pioneer Ancestry 
10 Foote, Sarah  1673Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I5054 Pioneer Ancestry 
11 Gilbert, John  Aug 1709Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I7277 Pioneer Ancestry 
12 Goodspeed, Alice  12 Sep 1596Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1343 Pioneer Ancestry 
13 Hawley, Joseph  20 May 1690Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1360 Pioneer Ancestry 
14 Hawley, Miriam  20 Mar 1690Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1285 Pioneer Ancestry 
15 Jackson, Henry  15 Sep 1717Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1267 Pioneer Ancestry 
16 Mallory, Peter  12 Mar 1691Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1392 Pioneer Ancestry 
17 Preston, Jehiel  1684Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1328 Pioneer Ancestry 
18 Preston, Sarah (Susan)  1684Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1246 Pioneer Ancestry 
19 Royce, Dinah  13 Apr 1732Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I4067 Pioneer Ancestry 
20 Seabrook, Faith Or Johanna  1661Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1274 Pioneer Ancestry 
21 Seabrook, Mary  1680Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1318 Pioneer Ancestry 
22 Seabrook, Robert  12 Sep 1596Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1342 Pioneer Ancestry 
23 Seabrook, Sarah  1639Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1354 Pioneer Ancestry 
24 Seabrooke, Sarah  1639Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1351 Pioneer Ancestry 
25 Wheeler, Joanna  1694Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1293 Pioneer Ancestry 
26 Wheeler, Moses  15 Jan 1689Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1284 Pioneer Ancestry 
27 Wheeler, Moses  30 Jan 1724Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1291 Pioneer Ancestry 
28 Wheeler, Samuel  29 Mar 1699Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1290 Pioneer Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wheeler, Moses  Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut I1284 Pioneer Ancestry 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Fairchild / Burwell  24 Jan 1723Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut F323 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Fairchild / Seabrook  1639Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut F331 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Fairchild / Seabrooke  1638Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut F342 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Fairchild / Wheeler  1680Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut F325 Pioneer Ancestry 
5 Preston / Fairchild  20 Apr 1676Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut F347 Pioneer Ancestry