Pioneer Ancestry

Researching the genealogy of Jacob F. Francom

Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BUCK, Sarah  8 Apr 1685Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I12229 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Churchill, Hannah  1 Nov 1644Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4113 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Churchill, Sarah  11 Nov 1657Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4208 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Deming  Abt 1643Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4424 Pioneer Ancestry 
5 Deming, David  1652Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4430 Pioneer Ancestry 
6 Deming, Ebenezer  1659Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4433 Pioneer Ancestry 
7 Deming, Frances  1658Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4432 Pioneer Ancestry 
8 Deming, Francis  1643Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4423 Pioneer Ancestry 
9 Deming, Hannah  15 Oct 1656Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4431 Pioneer Ancestry 
10 Deming, Henry  1617Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4816 Pioneer Ancestry 
11 Deming, Johnathan  9 Sep 1638Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4422 Pioneer Ancestry 
12 Deming, Martha  1627Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4999 Pioneer Ancestry 
13 Deming, Mary  24 Oct 1692Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I5135 Pioneer Ancestry 
14 Deming, Samuel  1646Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4426 Pioneer Ancestry 
15 Deming, Sarah  1622Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4933 Pioneer Ancestry 
16 Deming (Dymond), Rachel  1644Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4425 Pioneer Ancestry 
17 Dickenson, Nathaniel  16 Aug 1643Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7483 Pioneer Ancestry 
18 Dickinson, Azariah  10 Oct 1648Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6345 Pioneer Ancestry 
19 Dickinson, Francis  1650Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6355 Pioneer Ancestry 
20 Dickinson, Hannah  6 Dec 1648Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4388 Pioneer Ancestry 
21 Dickinson, Hezekiah  7 Feb 1646Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6335 Pioneer Ancestry 
22 Dickinson, Johnathan  1654Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4408 Pioneer Ancestry 
23 Dickinson, Mercy  1668Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I2969 Pioneer Ancestry 
24 Foote, Daniel  Oct 1652Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I3997 Pioneer Ancestry 
25 Foote, Elizabeth  20 May 1654Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4306 Pioneer Ancestry 
26 Foote, Frances  1629Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I2106 Pioneer Ancestry 
27 Foote, Mary  1623Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I5033 Pioneer Ancestry 
28 Foote, Nathaniel  10 Jan 1646Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I3886 Pioneer Ancestry 
29 Foote, Nathaniel  9 Sep 1682Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I2921 Pioneer Ancestry 
30 Foote, Robert  8 Dec 1627Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4810 Pioneer Ancestry 
31 FOOTE, Samuel  11 Aug 1649Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I12387 Pioneer Ancestry 
32 Foote, Sarah  1632Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4018 Pioneer Ancestry 
33 Foote (Foot), Nathaniel  10 Jan 1647Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7096 Pioneer Ancestry 
34 Graves, Elizabeth  1625Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7423 Pioneer Ancestry 
35 Graves, Isaac  1654Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7224 Pioneer Ancestry 
36 Graves, John  1652/1653Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7100 Pioneer Ancestry 
37 Graves, Mary  Abt 1632Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7426 Pioneer Ancestry 
38 Graves, Mary  1656/1660Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7050 Pioneer Ancestry 
39 Graves, Sarah  1 Oct 1655Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7225 Pioneer Ancestry 
40 Gull, Anna  1662Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4836 Pioneer Ancestry 
41 Hitchcock, Calvin  Abt 1642Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7203 Pioneer Ancestry 
42 Hitchcock, Luke  5 Jun 1655Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7204 Pioneer Ancestry 
43 Hull, Ann (Gull)  Jun 1653Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4829 Pioneer Ancestry 
44 NORTH, Susannah  15 Apr 1676Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I12477 Pioneer Ancestry 
45 Olmstead, Elizabeth  20 Nov 1642Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4585 Pioneer Ancestry 
46 Palmer, Deborah  5 Feb 1642/1643Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I1296 Pioneer Ancestry 
47 Palmer, Dorcas  7 Apr 1650Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I1374 Pioneer Ancestry 
48 Palmer, Ephraim  5 Apr 1648Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I1371 Pioneer Ancestry 
49 Palmer, Hannah  14 Aug 1645Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I1370 Pioneer Ancestry 
50 Smith, Chileab  1 Apr 1636Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7103 Pioneer Ancestry 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Foote, Rebecca  3 Sep 1634Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I3887 Pioneer Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Katherine  7 Apr 1650Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I1368 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 BUCK, Sarah  5 Sep 1751Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I12229 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Churchhill, Joseph  1 Jan 1686Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I3769 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Churchill, Anna  Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4203 Pioneer Ancestry 
5 Churchill, Elizabeth  31 Oct 1660Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4202 Pioneer Ancestry 
6 Churchill, Infant  1654Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4207 Pioneer Ancestry 
7 Churchill, Sarah  7 Jan 1700Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4208 Pioneer Ancestry 
8 Churchill, Son  1658Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4209 Pioneer Ancestry 
9 Deming, Ebenezer  2 May 1705Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4433 Pioneer Ancestry 
10 Deming, Elizabeth  28 Jul 1683Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I11 Pioneer Ancestry 
11 Deming, John  1644Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4864 Pioneer Ancestry 
12 Deming, Johnathan  23 Jan 1712Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4422 Pioneer Ancestry 
13 Deming, Mary  1714Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4427 Pioneer Ancestry 
14 Deming, Samuel  16 Apr 1709Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4426 Pioneer Ancestry 
15 Dickinson, Obadiah  10 Jun 1698Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6297 Pioneer Ancestry 
16 Dickinson, Thomas  17 Jan 1668Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6254 Pioneer Ancestry 
17 Foote, Elizabeth  8 Sep 1700Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I3773 Pioneer Ancestry 
18 Foote, Mary  Dec 1684Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I5033 Pioneer Ancestry 
19 Foote, Nathaniel  20 Dec 1644Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I3905 Pioneer Ancestry 
20 Foote, Nathaniel  Jun 1655Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7282 Pioneer Ancestry 
21 Foote, Nathaniel  12 Jan 1703Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4852 Pioneer Ancestry 
22 Gaylord, Alice  21 Oct 1614Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4571 Pioneer Ancestry 
23 Gilbert, Captain John  29 Dec 1690Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7153 Pioneer Ancestry 
24 Gilbert, John (Josiah)  22 Aug 1688Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7695 Pioneer Ancestry 
25 Gilbert, Josiah  29 Dec 1690Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7155 Pioneer Ancestry 
26 Gilbert, Thomas  5 Sep 1659Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7142 Pioneer Ancestry 
27 Graves, Nathaniel  28 Sep 1692Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7425 Pioneer Ancestry 
28 Gull, William  18 Dec 1701Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7292 Pioneer Ancestry 
29 JUDD, Mary  16 Apr 1750Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I12473 Pioneer Ancestry 
30 Smith, Chileab  7 Mar 1731Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7103 Pioneer Ancestry 
31 Smith, John  30 May 1676Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7297 Pioneer Ancestry 
32 Treat, Elizabeth  1706Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4579 Pioneer Ancestry 
33 Treat, Honour  21 Nov 1705Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4421 Pioneer Ancestry 
34 Treat, James  12 Feb 1709Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4582 Pioneer Ancestry 
35 Treat, Johanna  Oct 1694Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4572 Pioneer Ancestry 
36 Treat, Richard Sr  14 Feb 1669Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4570 Pioneer Ancestry 
37 Treat, Richard  Feb 1693Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4575 Pioneer Ancestry 
38 Treat, Thomas  Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4586 Pioneer Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lydia  1653/1654Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7144 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 Churchhill, Joseph  1 Jan 1686Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I3769 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Churchill, Joseph  Apr 1699Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4204 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Deming, Elizabeth  1683Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I11 Pioneer Ancestry 
5 Deming, Johnathan  11 Jan 1700Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4422 Pioneer Ancestry 
6 Foote, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1700Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I3773 Pioneer Ancestry 
7 Foote, Robert  1681Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4810 Pioneer Ancestry 
8 Gilbert, Jonathan  Dec 1682Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7147 Pioneer Ancestry 
9 Gilbert, Josiah  Dec 1690Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7155 Pioneer Ancestry 
10 Graves, Nathaniel  Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I7425 Pioneer Ancestry 
11 Treat, Johanna  Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4572 Pioneer Ancestry 
12 Treat, Richard  Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4575 Pioneer Ancestry 
13 Treat, Richard Sr  Feb 1668/1669Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I4570 Pioneer Ancestry 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Churchhill / Foote  1638Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F890 Pioneer Ancestry 
2 FOOTE / COLLIER  19 Nov 1718Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F24582303 Pioneer Ancestry 
3 Foote / Smith  Abt 1645Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F967 Pioneer Ancestry 
4 Foote / Smith  1646Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F1065 Pioneer Ancestry 
5 Graves / Smith  18 May 1654Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F1570 Pioneer Ancestry 
6 Gull / Smith  1659Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F876 Pioneer Ancestry 
7 Hitchcock / Gibbons  2 Oct 1661Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F1566 Pioneer Ancestry 
8 Moody / Deming  1658Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F1042 Pioneer Ancestry 
9 Smith / Hitchcock  24 Oct 1661Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F1043 Pioneer Ancestry 
10 STILLMAN / WOLCOTT  26 May 1715Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F24582276 Pioneer Ancestry