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Researching the genealogy of Jacob F. Francom

Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cooke, Elizabeth  Abt 1621Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I768
2 Cooke, Josiah Or Josias  1622Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I760
3 Foord, John  1621Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I588
4 Foorde, Margaret  1639Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I429
5 Ford, Son  Nov 1621Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I587
6 Gray, Anna  1663Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4663
7 Gray, Desire  6 Nov 1651Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4654
8 Gray, Elizabeth  11 Feb 1658Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4656
9 Gray, John  1 Oct 1661Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4660
10 Gray, Mary  18 Sep 1653Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I3246
11 Gray, Sarah  12 Aug 1659Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4658
12 Hill, Martha (Mary)  1639Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I3383
13 Hill, Nathaniel  1642Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I3384
14 Hill, Ralph  1636Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I3381
15 Hill, Rebecca  Abt 1648Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I3387
16 Snow, Joseph  Abt 1634Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4448
17 Snow, Mark  9 May 1628Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4295
18 Snow, Mary  Abt 1630Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4446
19 Snow, Sarah  Abt 1632Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4447
20 Winslow, John  1643/1653Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I6869
21 Winslow, William  1635Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I6835


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cooke, Elizabeth  1621/1623Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I768
2 Cooke, Josiah Or Josias  1622Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I760
3 Winslow, Ann  1647Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I6891
4 Winslow, Benjamin  12 Aug 1653Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I6902
5 Winslow, Isaac  1644Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I6880
6 Winslow, Mary  1630Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4652
7 Winslow, Samuel  1641Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I6858
8 Winslow, William  1635Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I6835


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barstow, Sarah  Aft 4 Nov 1717Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I6285
2 Collier, Elizabeth  5 Apr 1670Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4619
3 Collier, Sarah  26 Apr 1691Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4620
4 Cook, Hester  8 Jun 1666Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I770
5 Cooke, Francis  7 Apr 1663Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I754
6 Cooke, Jane  8 Jun 1666Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I769
7 Cooke, John  9 Nov 1694Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I759
8 Cooke (Cook), Jacob  7 Jul 1676Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I763
9 Curtes, Jane  2 Dec 1661Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4616
10 Dutton, Joseph  25 Sep 1776Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4087
11 Foord, Millicent  Bef 4 May 1696Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I575
12 Foorde, Martha Mrs  1633/1634Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I581
13 Ford (Foord), Martha  20 Dec 1683Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I585
14 Furner, Susanna (Mayflower)  21 Jan 1621Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I1416
15 Gray, Desire  4 Dec 1690Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4654
16 Gray, Edward  30 Jun 1681Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4650
17 Hopkins, Damarius  18 Nov 1669Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4606
18 Hopkins, Stephen  Bef 20 Aug 1644Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4597
19 Le Mahieu, Hester  18 Jun 1666Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I790
20 Mahieu, Hester  18 Jun 1666Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I757
21 Mahieu, Hester Or Esther  18 Jun 1666Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I793
22 Sears, Elizabeth  Bef 21 Jan 1724/1725Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4311
23 Winslow, Joseph  3 Oct 1679Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I6846


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Barstow, Sarah  Aft 4 Nov 1717Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I6285
2 Cook, Hester  Abt 1666Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I770
3 Cooke, Francis  1633Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I754
4 Cooke, Jane  1666Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I769
5 Cooke, John  18 Dec 1694Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I759
6 Foorde, Martha Mrs  Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I581
7 Ford (Foord), Martha  20 Dec 1683Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I585
8 Furner, Susanna (Mayflower)  Jan 1621Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I1416
9 Hopkins, Stephen  20 Aug 1644Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4597
10 Winslow, Margaret  1665Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I1286
11 Winslow, Mary  1663Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma I4652


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cooke / Birdsall  29 Jun 1639Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma F227
2 Gray / Winslow  16 Jan 1650Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma F781
3 Hill /   21 Dec 1638Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma F779
4 Prence / Collier  1 Apr 1635Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma F1071
5 Sears / Jones  1637/1638Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma F1073
6 Snow / Hopkins  22 May 1627Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma F1070
7 Thompson / Thompson  Abt 1622Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma F1054