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COLE, Mary Ann: Patriarchal Blessing

Copied from a photocopy of the original on 10 Jan 2007 by J.F.

Nephi, Apr. 16th 1899.

A blessing given by C. D. Cazier, Patriarch, upon the head of Mary Ann Francom, daughter of Wm. Cole & Emma Jenkins. Born Feb. 17, 1871 in Nephi, Juab Co., Utah.

Sister Mary Ann, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the authority of the Holy Priesthood I lay my hands upon your head and give unto you a Patriarchal blessing. You was born upon this earth in the day and age of the world when the Gospal was revealed. You have gone into the water of baptism, and have made sacred vows. Bet true and faithful to those vows and you will be prepared for the labors that await you in the future.

You have a great labor to preform both for the dead and the living.

Your lot shall be cast in pleasant places. You will be endowed with the gift and power of inspiration, your mind shall be enlightened and shall behold things to come. The gift of prophecy shall rest upon you if you will be faithful and true. You shall have great power in the earth in wealding a great influence in behalf of your sisters and brothers in counciling and advising them, and they will listen to your advise. Your leineage is that of Joseph who was sold into E by his brothers.

You shall be placed in responcible possitions and have joy and satisfaction in the same. You shall shall have a posterity of sons and daughters who shall live upon the earth when the Savior shall make his appearance in the clouds of Heaven with power and great glory, and they shall live and not die, but shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye. Seek your Father in Heaven in humble prayer and you never shall be led into evel, for you are truly a daughter of Zion, born in the covenent and you shall receive every blessing that pretains thereto.

You shall live to a good old age and enver want for the blessings of life, and your children shall never cry for bread. I seal you up to come forth in the morning of the first ressurection when the Angel of God shall sound his trumpet and the sleeping millions shall come forth. All of these blessings I seal upon your head and every other blessing that is for your good.

I rebuke the adversary from your path and I do it all by the power and authority of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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