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JOHN SPILMAN (John, John, Thomas, William, Sir Anthony, Robert, Stephen, Robert, Henry, William, Sir Will¬iam), the son of John and Margery Spilman of Great Baddow, was a “pannyer-maker,” as stated in his will, that is, a maker of baskets and saddle-pouches.
He married Agnes Bereman in Saint Mary's Church at Great Baddow, 14 February, 1548-9. The entry in the parish register reads: “1548. ffebruary. John Spyllman And Agnes Bereman maryed the 14 Day.”
So far as indicated by the church records, and by the grant of administration on his estate, as appears below, they had but one child, Richard.
There are two items on the church books which may, pos¬sibly, refer to another son, John, and the latter's widow.
“1591 September Jhon Spilman was buried 2 Day” “1597. September. Joane Spyllman widdowe, was buried 4 Day”
That John, the Ancestor in this generation, was called the elder and senior in the records of his and his wife's burial, sug¬gests the inference that the above-mentioned John, who died in 1591, was a son of John Spilman, the Ancestor. The term senior, however, in those days, did not necessarily indicate that the person of the name who would be called junior was son of the one known as senior, but merely that the latter was the elder of two persons of the same name, living in the same locality.
John Spilman and his wife, Agnes Bereman, died within a few days of each other. The records of their burials in the regis¬ter of Saint Mary's Church are as follows: “1589. Maye. John Spyllman the elder was Buryed, 24 Daye.” “1589. June. Agnis Spillman wyffe of John Spillman Senr. Buryed 1 Daye.”
Proof that Richard Spilman, the great-grandfather of tha Immigrant-Ancestor in America, was the son of John and Agnes Spilman, was found to hinge partly upon this fact that Agnes died so soon after her husband. For it made necessary the ap¬pointment of an administrator on John Spilman's estate, since she had been named in his will as sole Executrix. Additional evidence was found, however, of his parentage in the record of Richard's first marriage, as will appear under the Thirteenth Generation.



Commissary Court of London (Essex and Herts.). Abstract of the will of John Spylman of Much Badew, co. Essex, pannver-maker, dated 4 May, 1587, and filed 6 June, 1589. I bequeath my body to be buried in the parish churchyard of Badew aforesaid, by my ancestor and kindred there being buried. Concerning my goods, which God hath lent unto me in this world, I bequeath them wholly unto Agnis my wife, whom I make my sole executrix. Per me Jhon Spylman. Witnesses: The mark of Thomas Onghan, John Pease the writer, the mark of John Wood. This will was read aloud by the said John Spill¬man, 21 May, 1589, in the presence of the above-named wit¬nesses. Administration granted 6 June, 1589, to Richard Spil¬man, son of the deceased, by reason of the death of the executrix named.

CHILDREN of John and Agnes (Bereman) Spilman:
Richard Spilman, of Great Baddow and Widford, ancestor of the American Spelmans
(see Thirteenth Generation). [Uncertain]:
John Spilman, of Great Baddow. 
SPELMAN, John (I12854)
JOHN SPILMAN (Thomas, William, Sir Anthony, Robert, Stephen, Robert, Henry, William, Sir William), the son of Thomas Spilman and Elizabeth Harward, appears to have been associated in business in Thaxted for a time with his brother, William, and their kinsman, Robert Spilman.
Court Roll 173/92, Mem. 1. Borough of Thaxted. Court General held there on the Morrow of Saints Philip and James, 6 Henry VII, 1491. John Spilman, Robert Spilman, and William Spilman present at this court concerning their business.
By 1492 he had removed from Thaxted, possibly on account of the decline of its industries as described above, and settled in Great Baddow, County Essex, near Chelmsford.
In a Court Roll (213/71, Mem. 5) of a court held at Thax¬ted at about this period is the following.
To this court came John Spylman and Richard Wedowe, present in court, and surrendered into the hands of the lady two cottages lying together under one roof in “le melle ende” be¬tween the tenement of John Spylman of Walden on the one side and the cottage of Joan Rowlee on the other, to the use of John Catelyn, William Ilamond, and John Fan, cutler, to whom seism thereof was delivered by the rod, to hold to them, their heirs and assigns, at the will of the lady, of the manor, according to the custom of the manor. And they made a fine and did fealty.
Court Roll 213/79, Mem. 9. Court held at Thaxted on Thursday before the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul, 8 Henry VII, 1493. John Spilman presented as a defaulting juror.
The John Spylman of Walden, mentioned above as the holder of a cottage on one side of that which John Spilman and Richard Wedowe were surrendering, was mentioned under the Seventh Generation. He was the son of John Spilman, and the grandson of Sir Anthony Spilman, and removed to Chipping Walden, County Essex. It will be recalled that in his will he named his cousins, John and Thomas Spilman, of whom Thomas was the Ancestor in the Ninth Generation.
Great Baddow, like Thaxted, was bestowed upon the Queen, Catherine of Arragon, by Henry VIII. Of the place, Morant, the ancient historian of County Essex, said: “Much Badow
* * * being a very pleasant village, it hath been inhabited long by Families of Fashion.”

After a drawing by David Ogbourne, engraved by J. Ryland.



A thorough search of the Manor Rolls covering a century before the period of this John Spilman show that he was the first of the family to resicle here. Unfortunately, the Rolls of the latter part of his life are missing, and the record, therefore, of land held by him has not been found. He made no will, or, if he did, it has not been discovered.
John Spilman died at Great Baddow in May, 1540, as shown by the following entry in the parish register: “Burials, 1540. Maye, John Spylman was beryed the 30 Daye.” Near this rec¬ord appear the following: “1546. August. Julyan Spilman was buried the 25 Daye.” “1548. November. Alse Spylman & Mother Wattes were buried ye 10 day.” “1551. October. Joan Spyllman the 13 daye.”
Another item is: “1549. November. Isaac Spylman was buryed the 26 Daye.”
Lawrence Spilman moved from Great Baddow to Widford, a part of Chelmesford, and owned there land called “Spaynys,” as appears in the Court Rolls for Widford, Roll 123/1859, Folio 136d, 33 Henry VIII, 1541. His children, grandchildren, and later descendants are mentioned in the parish registers of Chelmsford. One of them was, in 1626, accused “for that she did on the Saboth day fould and dry clothes in tyme of divine service.”

CHILD of John Spilman:
John Spilman, of Great Baddow, ancestor of the American Spelmans (see Eleventh
SPILMAN, John (I12924)
RICHARD SPILMAN (John, John, John, Thomas, William, Sir Anthony, Robert, Stephen, Robert, Henry, Will¬iam, Sir William), the son of John Spilman and Agnes (Bere-man) Spilman, was born in 1550 or later. He followed his father's occupation of “pannyer-maker” or “doffermaker,” as he was called in records which will appear below, and was adminis¬trator of his father's estate, as has been shown.
In 15/7-8 he married at Great Baddow Barbara Stabell. The record in Saint Mary's Church register is: “September, Rycharde Spillman, sonne of John, thelder, and Barbary Stabell weare maryed the 15 day 1577.”
Sometime between January, 1591, when one of his children, as mentioned below, was buried at Great Baddow, and December, 1615, when his daughter, Agnes, in her will is called daughter of Rychard Spilman of Wydford, he removed to Widford, two miles from Great Baddow, and a part of Chelmsford. In the parish register of Saint Mary's Church in Chelmsford is re¬corded his marriage to Elizabeth ——. Whether there was issue of this second marriage has not been ascertained. The children of Richard Spilman and his first wife, Barbara Stabell, were: Prudence; Agnes; Richard; and Robert. These are named in the register of Saint Mary's Church at Great Baddow.
“Baptisms. 1584. April prudence Spilman the Doughf. of Rich * * *”
“Baptisms. 1589 April. Angnis Spyllman Doughter of Richard Spyll * * *”
“Baptisms. 1590. Januari. Richard Spillman sonne of Richard Spillman, Baptizd, 6 * * *”
“Burials. 1591. Maye. Robarte Spyllman sonne of Ric Spylman Buryed 23 day.”
Agnes, Richard Spilman's daughter, died in December, 1615. “1615. December. Agnis Spilman was buried, 4.” This item appears in the register at Grwat Baddow. Two days before she was buried she made her will.
Commissary Court of London (Essex and Herts.). Will filed 23 April, 1616. Will of Agnes Spilman, daughter of Rych¬ard Spilman of Wydford, county of Essex, pannyermaker, dated 2 December, 1615. I give to my friend James Arwaker of Much Baddow, in part recompense of




such charges as I have put him to in the time of my sickness and at other times, £3. To Eliza¬beth Arwakcr, his wife, my best petticoat. No advantage shall be taken of the said James Arwaker concerning the bond wherein he is bound to me. All the rest of my goods whatsoever I be¬queath to the said Richard Spilman, my father, and I make James Arwaker my executor, with allowance out of my goods if he be driven to sue for my money. The mark X of Agnes Spilman. Witnesses: the mark of Robert Rumball, Willm Archbolde.
This is an interesting and suggestive document. Agnes Spilman was about twenty-seven years old at the time of her death. It is probable that she had inherited property from her mother, Barbara Stabell, or from her mother's family. That she bequeathed her estate almost entirely to her father would in¬dicate that they were on the natural terms of father and daugh¬ter, but that she was not, a young, unmarried woman, living in her father's household at Widford, but with friends at Great Bad-dow, may indicate some difficulties on account of her father's second marriage. She seems, too, to have considered it possible that some objection would be made to the administration of her estate by her executor, James Arwaker.
Richard Spilman died at Widford in May, 1618, his burial being entered on the parish register of Saint Mary's Church, Chelmsford.
“1618. Maye. Richard Spillman of Widford in this parish, a panyer or ped maker, buryed 17 Daye.”
A few years later his widow, Elizabeth, died. The Chelmsford register records her burial as follows:
“1620. May. Elizabeth widdowe of Richard Spilman late of this prshe deceased, Doffermaker, was buryed on ffrydaye the XXVI of Maye.”

CHILDREN of John and Barbara (Stabell) Spilman:
Prudence, baptized in April, 1584.
Agnes, baptized in April, 1589; died, unmarried, in December, 1615.
Richard Spilman, of Chelmsford, baptized in Great Baddow, 6 January, 1590; ancestor
of the Amer¬ican Spelmans (see Fourteenth Generation).
Robert Spilman, baptized 23 May, 1591. 
SPELMAN, Richard (I12156)
4 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I8566)
1. Charles Porter Squires Family Records.
2. Records of Charlotte Squires Tillotson.
3. Lake and Geauga Co. Mar. Vol 2, pg. 19.
4. Geauga Probate Rec. Vol. F, pg. 117, at Chardon, Ohio.
5. History of Lorenzo Snow by Eliza R. Snow.

The 1850 census of Geauga County states #4 was age 11; family records
indicated born about 1830; 1860 cebsus of Hancock County lists his age as 30.

1. Charles Porter Squires Family Records.
2. Records of Charlotte Squires Tillotson.
3. Lake and Geauga Co. Mar. Vol 2, pg. 19.
4. Geauga Probate Rec. Vol. F, pg. 117, at Chardon, Ohio.
5. History of Lorenzo Snow by Eliza R. Snow.

The 1850 census of Geauga County states #4 was age 11; family records
indicated born about 1830; 1860 cebsus of Hancock County lists his age as 30. 
Squires, Charles Merrill (I46)
6 Alta Gae was killed in an automobile accident at age 17 as she returned
from the local high school ball game with her best friends. They were forced
into a fence, I believe. She was buried in her red velvet A capella gown and
honored by the attendance of a great many friends and loved ones.
She and her friend, who also died, had played the piano and led the music
in their Junior Sunday School.

There was a double funeral for her and her friend. 
Allred, Alta Gae (I8021)
7 Brittany was found to be dead three days before she was to have been born.
Dianna was able to deliver her normally and Orrin and Dianna were handed
the baby to hold. They heartbrokenly planned and carried out a graveside
service for immediate family in Ogden. Her little body is buried above one of
the other caskets in Mother and Dad Andersen's plot. Maren prepared a lovely
bouquet to be placed on the small casket. 
Andersen, Brittany Jean (I7985)
8 !Ordinances and Sources
1. T.I.B.
2. I.G.I.
3. Logan Temple Baptism for the dead, 12 Oct 1886, Book E,
p. 364, #13076 (GS177844). Proxy, Daughter Asenath Tillotson Crawshaw.
4. Logan Temple Endowments 13 Oct 1886, Book ,p. ,# ,
5. Logan Temple Sealings to husband 15 Oct 1886 Book ,
p. ,# , (GS178061). By M. W. Merrill.
6. Salt Lake Sealings of their children to parents, 9 Sep
1903, Book F, p. 52, #1286, (GS184657).
7. From the IGI Mary was sealed to John Tillotson again 9 Apr 1979 in the Salt
Lake Temple.
8. Check source of date stated Mary was sealed to her parents, the same as
John to his parents, 22 Mar 1916 in Salt Lake temple.

!Correspondence with Vicar, Gt. Horton & Colne
!Death Certificates of Mary and John
!Records of Bradford and Leeds Branchs of LDS Church
!St. Louis Branch records
!Bureau of Vital Statistics & Mortality Schedule St. Louis, Missouri.
!Shipping List: 2-6-9-10-11 LDS Shipping List, Church Office, Salt
Lake City, Utah.

Parents of Mary Rycroft are Henry Rycroft and Isabell Pilling Rycroft.

From her grandson Charles' record, she was buried 31 Dec 1859.
The Weslean Cemetary where she was buried is on Market Street, St. Louis, Mo.
Mary's birth date is given in one record as about 1796.
Mary Rycroft Tillotson and five of her children came to America 1850-1855-
1856. Ezra came on the "Argo" 1850; Mary, Israel & Asenath, "Charles
Buck" 1855; Jonathan and Ephraim on the "Wellfleet" 1856.

!From St. Louis Health Department a death record was obtained, 31 Dec 1859
at 11th and between Webster and Chambers, home of her eldest son. 
Rycroft, Mary (I23)
9 Lish or Elijah was born in 1870 and died in 1935. Husband #2 was
Albert C. Banyard. Francis Marie Hume was born in 1876 and died in 1952.

3 JUNE 1924 is the date of Rulon and Maude's first wedding in Salt
Lake City when their bishop from San Francisco Stake married them. 
Hester, Dr. Maude Ella (I8082)
10 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I12989)
11 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I12990)
12 1. TIB
2. IGI
3. Birth certificate, L.D.S. Records signed by Joseph Fielding Smith 9 Sep
1955. Cache Stake, Logan 1st Ward, Record of Members recorded 2 July 1891 in
the Charles E. and Alta Shurtliff Family Records in the possession of
Ruth T. Sandgren.

4. Blessing: 2 July 1891 by Jos. E. Wilson, Logan First Ward Records, p.
53 #10719, (GS026074).
Alta Priscilla and the Children are listed. (28 Sep 1890)
Alta Priscilla was in Richfield 2nd Ward (received from).
(Asa, mother's brother became a deacon 2 Nov 1893 by Jos. E. Wilson.)
22 April 1894 were received in Logan 6/1st Ward #561.
Alta removed 17 Feb 1916 to Ogden , Utah.

5 . !Baptism records, Logan 1st Ward, Book , p. , #1258 ,
(GS ). Baptized by S. G. Spellman and confirmed by Jos. E. Cowley.

6. !Logan Temple Endowment, 27 Jan 1916, Book A, p. 61, #1451

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8. Ward Records: Brigham City 4th Ward, Book , p. , #110 and block
style of all the family (1927-1941) (GS025678).

9. Branch Records: Albuquerque Branch, 1940-1941, Book, , p. , #375,
(GS001958). Our residence was at 618 W. Silver.

10. !Death: 11 Apr 1977 (age 86) in hospital at Bountiful, Utah.

11. !Death Certificate in her book of remembrance in the care of
Ruth Tillotson Sandgren. Burial was in Ogden City Cemetery.

When we lived in Knight's Court in Ogden, when I was seven and eight, I think
we girls were left at home quite often while Mother helped our father at the
Ogden Engraving plant at the Standard Examiner building.

She would go and keep records for him--ledgers telling what work was done and
records of his finances. His business was flourishing and people
came in to discuss either yearbook pictures, layouts for the society page in
the Sunday paper, or just individual pictures from which he would make zink
plates for the Ogden Standard to print. He worked closely with the Standard
Examiner newspaper, but also with the different highschools throughout
the state doing all the engraving work for their high school's yearbooks.

I do remember the Essex in a small garage on Knight's Court. I
don't remember the use of it except to go to get icecream cones when we were
together as a family. So, I believe Mother also did much walking to and from the
office. I remember her dressing warmly, one winter especially, in a long,
brown woolen coat, with brown felt wide-brim, pretty hat trimmed in
orange or rust and brown satin or velvet ribbon. Dad worked long hours and
walked energetically from place to place thinking little
of it-- home from Keisel Ave. just off 24th Street to Liberty Ave. (between
Madison and Monroe Ave.), after we moved back to our old home. From Knight's
Court he had to go to Monroe Ave. and almost to 22nd street, a matter of about
two blocks more. (And Ogden's blocks were really large ones). It
was necessary for someone to be at the desk in the front office to
meet customers so Dad could carry on with the photo-engraving work in the other
rooms--two of them besides the office, joined together, one for photography and
proofing (with a large hand printer which I always thought made our father
strong as he had to pull so hard on a long handle to make his proofs from
the zink plates.) Also, in this room was a large graphlex press camera
with bellows, which could blind a person if he looked at the carbon cylinders
in the lamp which lit up the room like flashes of lightening as a picture was
taken. This camera was used to photograph the picture
on to the plate, I believe. The other room was for dark-room and chemical mixing
with large wooden tubs (vats) where the various chemicals were brushed on the
plates and brushed off again after an exact time. There were curious-looking
beakers and bottles on a shelf here and I remember especially what was called
dragon's blood", which didn't smell very pleasant. Dad liked to send me on
errands to the drug store nearby for denatured alcohol or other
interesting-sounding things he used in etching the plates. Speaking of
errands--often we girls were sent, especially when Mother was home engaged in
other activities, such as Primary meetings, etc., when our father was having to
work late or at least long hours, Mother would send some or all of us to 'the
office' with a crisco can of a good stew or split-pea soup, etc. for our
daddy's supper. We always enjoyed the adventure, if I recall correctly and
loved to be near Dad to watch him work or visit with him while he worked, or
meet some of the Standard Examiner friends, editors, etc. It seems the elevator
in the building had some fascination for us, too, and the operators knew us as
we came and went.

At Knight's Court one special memory was Springtime when our mother provided
for us new underthings and sox and we could leave off the heavier, Winter duds.
Here Mother provided us with whatever material we would like to make clothing
and Ruth and I especially began to make our own clothing. I remember a hat and
purse Ruth made and especially after moving to our old home Mother purchased a
portable sewing maching and we started making coulottes. After starting Jr.
High I made a wool suit and jumper. (Here, also, we embroidered squares for a
Sun-bonnet Quilt.)

Some of the escapades at Knight's Court while Mother worked were: mixing up
candy of cocoa powder, powdered sugar with 100 per cent bran and milk. We also
enjoyed puffing our mouths full of powdered sugar at each other.

Mother and Daddy were concerned for our use of time as shown in our assignments
to keep the house clean. My job I remember was sweeping the living-room carpet
with a broom. We worked as hard as we knew how on our tasks and were happily
surprised with a pleasant trip to the grocery store with one of our parents, or
a fine phonograph record for the phonograph our Dad brought for us to play
children's records and many of the beautiful, classical recordings of the day.
" Little Spanish Town" was a fovorite, as was "The Big Brown Bear."

An example of caring parents is shown in Mother's teaching me to overcome my
mischievousness. I believe we were taught the steps of repentance kindly and
then given the opportunity to ask forgiveness from those we sinned against and
the Lord. I recall kneeling before Mother in front of our large, warm cooking
stove and asking for forgiveness for some things involved in getting into other
person's properties. I don't recall any spankings, but I knew just from our
Mother's expressions when she was pleased or displeased and believe I learned
to love and please both my parents because of their gentleness and sincere
concern for each of us.

Mother was often involved, as a Primary teacher or leader in making goodies for
their meetings--usually really good food, such as tomale pie made in cans and
steamed or a freezer of pineapple sherbert. These fellow-workers were our
dearest friends and sometimes relatives. G'ma Charlotte was always involved in
such gatherings as was Aunt Beuna. I especially remember our gatherings of
this type and piano and/or vocal recitals after we moved back to our old home
on Liberty Avenue.

Mother quietly served wherever called and always seemed to have the energy to
do what was needed, whether it was outside work and even milking our cow, or
nursing it; quilting with Grandmother on a quilt of washed pieces of wool, or a
new one; helping Dad at the office; bottling whatever produce we
could--tomatoes and tomatoe juice, applesauce, apricots, peaches and pears,
plums, rootbeer; caring for the milk we got twice each day and making cottage
cheese, sometimes butter. Secretarial bookwork in one of her church
callinags; attending our school and church functions with each of us,
besides sewing for each of us made-over coats,etc.; washing our clothes
to help us keep clean was never-ending. My recollections were that
Mother did it all cheerfully, sometimes obviously a bit weary, but never
complaining; rather she championed when all was in order on a Sunday Morning
although she may have been up until ll:55 p.m. to make things shine and to
prepare the necessary nourishing dinner and goodies for us.
dinner and goodies for us.

Mother always encouraged us to use our talents; to perform on programs,
reunions, etc. always helping us to feel we could do all we would put our minds
to. (I say Mother, but we knew whatever Mother did was done with Dad's approval;
they were one in purpose and spirit.)

4. Blessing: 2 July 1891 by Jos. E. Wilson, Logan First Ward Records, p.
53 #10719, (GS026074).
Alta Priscilla and the Children are listed. (28 Sep 1890)
Alta Priscilla was in Richfield 2nd Ward (received from).
(Asa, mother's brother became a deacon 2 Nov 1893 by Jos. E. Wilson.)
22`April 1894 were received in Logan 6/1st Ward #561.
Alta removed 17 Feb 1916 to Ogden , Utah. 
Shurtliff, Alta Lenora (I7905)
13 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5044)
14 Meadow Valley Wash later become Caliente, Nevada. State of Utah Death Certificate # 06-073; obituary. Address at time of death: 263 South Weber Drive, South Weber, Davis, Utah.

Married Zella A. Demers 25 Oct 1917 in Ogden, Weber, Utah by Bishop O. M. Sanderson.
Marriage license # 9672 issued by Weber County obtained by Donna Cornia 4 Mar 2005.

SSN 528-18-1967.

!Grandson, Terry Pippin, was proxey for John Thomas Pippin to be baptized, endowed and sealed to first wife, Zella Agnes Demers, in Ogden Temple 25 Jun 1988. Terry's wife, Zina Pippin, was proxey for Zella Agnes Demers. 
Pippin, John Thomas (I179)
15 ! 1. TIB
2. IGI: Baptism in the Idaho Falls Temple took place 9 June 1988.
Endowment in the same temple was 26 July 1988.
Under sealing to parents, "cleared". Will double check in 1993.
3. Marriage date is listed as about 1753; Note: Ingamite Church
Records, Carlton Craven 1538; 1753 earliest (?) 
Tillotson, John (I9846)
16 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I12968)
17 ! 1. Temple Index Bureau Cards.

! 2. Birth Certificate. Weber County Births, 9 March 1917 in Ogden.

! 3. Blessing, 1 April 1917, by grandfather Charles Tillotson, Ogden 13th Ward.
#765, p. 514 (GS026239).
Also block style p. 530, #1034/#1035 and #1349 (GS026233).

! 4. Ogden 4th Ward Records (GS026232).

! 5. Ogden 6th Ward Records, Book , p. 1352, #1349B (GS026236) Form 123
Family unit (GS026235).

! 6. BAPTISM; 3 May 1925, Ogden 6th Ward Records, block style, Book , p.
# , (GS026233). Baptised by Charles Ephraim Tillotson, his father, and
confirmed by Albert B. Foulger.

! 7. FAMILY RECORD: Brigham City Fourth Ward Records, Book , p. , # ,

! 8. DEATH: Easter Sunday, 17 April 1927 at age 10 in Ogden, Utah of
Scarlet Fever. One record states death was from Menengitis. The
family was in quarantine, so people were not allowed in our home or to
associate with family members. The funeral was outside. (Uncle Ren,
Aunt Amy, Aunt Eva and Aunt Edith as well as Evelyn, Mother's neice, wrote
letters of condolence and spoke of Mother's visiting them later.)
I have always remembered the white casket with Charles's beautiful red rose
in his hand and it seemed it was in the dining-room on a slant wall where the
fire-place was. It seemed to be a slanted wall, but maybe just in the corner.
Margaret's remembrances when she was 4 years old. It is also said
that she was under the bed rolling cans of milk while Charles was ill!

!9. !ORDINANCE: Logan Temple Endowment, October 27, 1927,
Book M-2, p. 10, #297, (GS178013). Proxy Charles Ephraim Tillotson, father.

!10. !Obituary: Salt Lake Tribune, Apr 19, 1927, p. 24; DN p. B-2. 
Tillotson, Charles Shurtliff (I7971)
18 ! Baptism p. 225, #8090 (GS183430).

Ellen Jane Johnson was 14 in 1860 so born in 1846, in Virginia.
(1860 Census) 
Johnson, Ellen Jane (I8056)
19 ! BIR-MAR records: Safsnas, Kopparberg, Sweden G.S. film 19981 pt. 2, 6, 7.

!BIR: G.S. film Safsnas Kopparberg Sweden 19981 pt.6 1756 entry # 41.

!IGI Feb 1995. 
KUSE, Jan Samuelson (I12400)
20 ! BIR-MAR records: Safsnas, Kopparberg, Sweden G.S. film 19981 pt. 2, 6, 7.

!BIR: G.S. film Safsnas Kopparberg Sweden 19981 pt.6 1759 entry # 49.

! 19981 pt.5 1756-63 p. 127., 1766-1775 p. 46. 
SAMUELSON, Pehr (I12889)
21 ! BIR-MAR records: Safsnas, Kopparberg, Sweden G.S. film 19981 pt. 2, 6, 7.

!BIR: G.S. film Safsnas Kopparberg Sweden 19981 pt.6 1759 entry # 49. 
KUSE, Jonas Samuelson (I12908)
22 ! Birth and death dates from Film 0026218 (Neph Ward Records); Sealed to parents 12 Oct 1888 from Manti Temple Film 0170493, pg 8l.

!Birth date from GRO certified copy of entry of Birth in Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales. Copy in possession of Donna Cornia. Listed address on High Street.

!Death date from GRO certificate copy of Death in Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales. 
Jenkins, Lucy (I4451)
23 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I7963)
24 ! came from Stiernfors 1738, G.S. film 20680 pt. 6? pg. 182 #11.
81,834 Births and marriages. 81,956 Clerical Survey. 
HAGBERG, Petter Gustavsson (I12038)
25 ! Clerical survey SAMUELSON, Kierstin (I12305)
26 ! Clerical survey SAMUELSON, Matts (I12533)
27 ! Clerical survey MATSDOTTER, Brita (I12535)
28 ! Clerical survey MATSON, Samuel (I12536)
29 ! Clerical survey THOMASDOTTER, Chierstin (I12537)
30 ! Clerical survey LARSSON, Lars (I12540)
31 ! Clerical survey,Births: G.S. film 19981 pt. 6.
Father is listed as Samuel Matsson but clerical survey continues to list her
as child. 19981 pt.5 1756-63 p. 127., 1766-1775 p. 46. 
KUSE, Sara Samuelsdotter (I11937)
32 ! death date may have been 17 Feb. 1783 JOHANSSON, Jons (I11965)
33 ! FHL Film @0992548 (Tarrington Bishops Transcript, 1661-1852). Cole, James (I1552)
34 ! FHL Film F Utah L-23 (Levan Ward Records). Francom, George (I6075)
35 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2258)
36 ! Information from Film 0026218 (Nephi Ward Records); Manti Temple Film 0170493, pg 8l, states Mary was born and died on 9 July l829. She was sealed to her parents 12 Oct l888 in Manti Temple. Jenkins, Mary (I1837)
37 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4809)
38 ! Jay and Camille divorced in State of Oregon, Multnomah County, 5 Jan 1951, File No. 191. Family: Jay Dean Kendell / Camille Marie Stevenot (F1174)
39 ! said born abt. 1829 computted incorrectly Danielsen, Ole Micael (I12141)
40 !#1, Charles Morgan, md (2) 6 Jan 1913-S-Lk, HUNT, Elizabeth, dau of James &
Harriet (HARDER) HUNT, Born 7 May 1879 England. 
Squires, Charles Morgan (I6259)
41 !1953 - From sister, Mary Ann Francom: Clara Dell graduated from the University of Utah and became a school teacher. Her husband was prejudice against the church.

!12 Nov 1909 - Eureka Reporter, Eureka, Juab, Utah:
Misses Pearl Ingan, Clara Cole, Bertha McPherson and Jan McPherson teachers in the Nephi Public schools are attending the Teachers Institute.

1 Feb 1918 - Eureka Reporter, Eureka, Juab, Utah:
WEDDING ANNOUNCED - Mrs. William Cole of Nephi has announced the engagement of her daughter Clara to Ralph Hopes of Eureka, the wedding to take place in the near future.

8 Feb 1918 - Eureka Reporter, Eureka, Juab, Utah:
Last week the marriage of Ralph Hopes and Miss Clara Cole was solemnized at the home of the latter's mother, the ceremony being performed by Bishop Thomas Bailey of Nephi in the presence of a number of relatives and intimate friends. The bride is one of the best known young ladies of Nephi having been a teacher in the schools there for some years. Mrs. Hopes is known to practically everyone in Eureka where he has been following leasing work for a number of years.

22 Feb 1918 - Eureka Reporater, Eureda, Juab, Utah:
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hopes who were recently married and who have been making their home in this city, were in Nephi last week for a visit with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Cole.

Mr. and Mrs. Hopes have taken up their residence here and they will start out in life with the best wishes of a large number of friends.

1 Nov 2004 - Not found in United State SS Death Index File.

17 Nov 2004 - Called Nephi City Cemetery for burial date. They had none listed. 
Cole, Clara Delia (I6322)
42 !Address of home: 1121 Ashton Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah Francom, Martha Lovina (I6063)
43 !Age 24 at marriage, 9 Aug. 1862. Church records, Vaagan, Norland, Norway G.S. Film 39333 pt. 2 pg. 156 # 13. Petersen, Peter Ulrik (I12056)
44 !Archive records, Ella Heckscher
Uppsala, Sweden
Birth place was Jonsegard Baterstena, 
NILSSON, Cathrina (I12368)
45 !Archive records, Ella Heckscher
Uppsala, Sweden
Birth place was Jonsegard Baterstena, 
NILSSON, Kerstin (I12614)
46 !Archive records, Ella Heckscher
Uppsala, Sweden
Birth place was Jonsegard Baterstena, 
NILSSON, Johannes (I12632)
47 !Archive records, Ella Heckscher
Uppsala, Sweden
also baptized 24 mar 1931 
NILSSON, Maria (I12676)
48 !Archive records, Ella Heckscher
Uppsala, Sweden
also baptized 24 Mar 1931. 
NILSSON, Jonas (I12675)
49 !Archive records, Ella Heckscher
Uppsala, Sweden
also baptized 24 Mar 1931. 
NILSSON, Ingrid (I12686)
50 !Archive records, Ella Heckscher
Uppsala, Sweden 
NILSSON, Lars (I12042)

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