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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S132 "Archibald Anderson Family"
Anderson Organization 
2 S83 "Biography of Abraham Day, III"
Day, Eli A. 
3 S54 "George Allen Wadsworth: Pilley to Panaca"
Vanderbeek, Helen Free 
4 S135 "History of the Isaac Busenbark Family"
Mathews Miller, Zelma 
5 S111 "North Platte Cemetery"
6 S82 "Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude"
International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers 
7 S134 "Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Vols. I-IV"
International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers 
8 S9 "Remembering John & Mary Rycroft Tillotson and their Descendants"
Burgoyne, Charlotte Tillotson 
9 S129 "Squires Histories"
Charlotte Tillotson Burgoyne 
10 S51 "The Progenitors and Descendants of Charles Mathews and Elizabeth Jones"
Mathews, David R. 
11 S130 Ancestral File
12 S116 Autobiography
13 S203 Autobiography
14 S145 Baptism Certificate
15 S7 Baptism Certificate (L.D.S.)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
16 S204 Baptism Certificate (L.D.S.)
17 S158 Baptism Program (L.D.S.)
18 S205 Baptism Program (L.D.S.)
19 S159 Biography
20 S206 Biography
21 S160 Birth Announcement
22 S139 Birth Certificate
23 S207 Birth Certificate
24 S85 Birth Index
25 S162 Birth Index
26 S208 Birth Index
27 S32 Bishops' Transcript
28 S66 Blessing Certificate (L.D.S.)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
29 S163 Blessing Certificate (L.D.S.)
30 S209 Blessing Certificate (L.D.S.)
31 S210 Book
32 S199 Cemetery Database, Utah
Utah History Research Center 
33 S15 Cemetery Record
34 S211 Cemetery Record
35 S13 Census
36 S212 Census
37 S68 Christening Record
38 S166 Christening Record
39 S213 Christening Record
40 S50 Church Census
41 S167 Church Census
42 S200 Church Membership Record (L.D.S.)
43 S10 Death Certificate
44 S214 Death Certificate
45 S141 Death Index
46 S215 Death Index
47 S144 Death Record
48 S122 Divorce Decree
49 S197 Divorce Index
50 S216 Divorce Record

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